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Welcome to design_dc! This is a community designed to unite those of us who love to run and maintain collectives and websites! The goal of this community is to discuss collectives (such as trends, ideas, or just questions you have in general), give your own collective a plug or anything to do with domain collectives in general. If you are interested in joining, please continue reading!

Rules will be updated when neccessary, but for the majority of the time, please use common sense!

1. You have to know what a collective is -- at least, in this context.

2. You have to own a collective. If you own a collective, but not a domain, you may still join. If you own one fansite, that's not a collective.

3. You may discuss collectives in general, affiliation, shrines, fansites, etc. Please keep posts about fanlistings to a minimum.

4. Please join only if your domain is mostly about gaming and/or animanga, as that is the interest of the majority of the members.

5. You are free to plug your collectives/domains here, but I don't want this to become a place where you only plug your sites. Even if you don't post topics, participation would be nice.

6. If you are unsure of what tag to use, leave it blank and one of the maintainers will put it in for you.

7. You are free to rant about anything (positively or negatively) in here as long as it relates to webdesigning. However, please note the difference between ranting and getting something off your chest to bashing.




· December-Rain.org
· Dragoon.nu
· Banishing-Blade.org
· Fenali.net
· Leknaat.org
· Momentary-Thing.net
· Namine.org
· Radiata.org
· Rinali.org
· Shattered-Memories.org
· Tijira.net
· Uzunaru.net
· ValiantKnife.org

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